1. queen-of-dreamz said: omg austin you'd love it! it's really so interesting and just reading about crystals & their properties is so calming :)

    yeah ill read up on them fosho. i can only imagine. i don’t know anything about them but ive been liking your photos of them for a while haha. you need to help me get my crystal collection started. i know we could have some intense meditations sessions with them! 


  2. queen-of-dreamz said: you always make me feel so much better :) i went in the hot tub and did some gardening & now i feel soo much better. thank ya for keepin me sane ♡

    that’s awesome! yeah those activities seem like they’d be very relaxing and calming. hahahaha no problem, just trying to help out my friend. 


  3. queen-of-dreamz said: you're the best

    thanks ali, so are you. love your photos and reblogs. hope the message helped :)


  5. upcoming photo series

    in the process of putting together my first photo series. all the photos are from my trip to san antonio, tx. plan to post it all here. thoughts?


  6. queen-of-dreamz:

    shout out to Austin Robledo you’re amazing and creative and inspiring and I think you’re dope as fuck

    this is the kind of stuff that keeps me going. glad im having a positive influence on someone.



    books. couldn’t live without them. 

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  10. "keepin it real in the kitchen" bts shot